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Commission Funding Solutions is a national advancing service that allows real estate professionals to access their commissions before closing. Now, through this service, agents have greater control of their commissions to minimize the peaks and valleys of their real estate closing cycles.

How We Work

As a real estate agent, you know that Location, Location, Location are the 3 most important factors in real estate. Similarly, as a business owner, cash flow, cash flow, cash flow are the 3 most important factors in business ownership. Cash flow is paramount in developing, maintaining and growing any business. The team at Commission Funding Solutions have made it their mission to provide critical income through the closing process, so that your business can thrive.

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In order for a business owner to have a proper outcome, they must have the proper income. Let`s talk.


CFS is a national advancing company headquartered in California. Our commission advance service helps real estate professionals maintain their cash flow obligations by providing the financial resources they need to keep their business growing.

We're not a dot com...we're a dot company. As a company, we believe your experience should be met with a high degree of professionalism, confidentiality, and service. We have seen the peaks and valleys of the real estate cycles and have helped countless agents become more financially flexible and stable, no matter what the real estate market is experiencing. This service has become the single most important tool for many agents that plan and budget for the many inconsistencies or delays of the closing process.

CFS takes pride in providing the most superior customer service in the industry. We are a genuine group that believes in working tirelessly and diligently to provide agents with financial resources when time is of the essence.

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Commission Funding Solutions is a real estate financial services firm designed to assist the cash flow management of real estate professionals. Let`s talk.


Our number one priority is customer service and we focus on rapid response to all of our client needs.
Yes! Agents that use our service understand that it is a financial tool and the benefits of the service include more control over your commissions.
Productive agents who understand the importance of promoting their business now, not at the next closing.
No, the underwriting process evaluates the strength of a real estate transaction and the productivity of the agent, not the credit score.
Our fee (Discount) is based on the strength of escrow and how active you are as an agent. The typical fee ranges between $80-120 per $1000 advanced.
Customer service is our main priority so we strive to fund our clients within a few hours of approving an application.
We purchase the receivable with full recourse, which means that in the event that the real estate transaction does not close, you are required to repay the receivable. We give you the option to pay it back immediately after the failure of the transaction or assign the debt to your next transaction. We understand this sometimes happens so we are committed to helping you throughout the entire process.
The fee you pay to receive your cash advance may be considered a business expense for tax purposes (please consult your tax advisor).

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